Okay, So… Almost So?No. Not So Fast!

Life can be, sometimes, a little brutal with us all, some days, even confusing. Sometimes, it almost feels as if it gives us a sucker punch to the abdomen. Can we survive such a blow? Read this week’s post on Sanchez Proofreading to find out how to do just that!


Being creative is a gift, but sometimes it can be snuffed out. Will you allow your creativity to be snuffed out so easily? Can you gain it back? What if you have never been creative, can you become a creative person with a steady mindset?


Hey everyone, Romani Sanchez here again with a fresh new outlook on proofreading. Today I want to share a little back story; who I was, what I was doing before proofreading, and how did I ever decide to become a… Read More ›