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Hello, my name is Romani Sanchez.
Offering proofreading, court scoping, bookkeeping, and ESL certified. Bringing you quality service at a reasonable price. Living in Corozal/Orange Walk, Belize, Central America. Everyday is paradise!


    So, after a long time on leave, I’m finally back. Tune in for some more gossip.

  • Eyes of inspiration

    When life is a living nightmare, what will you do? Perhaps you might look for an alternative escape route, just so you can keep your head above the water. What about your goal and dreams? It is time to find out how to fight for them using your own hidden talents!

  • Take a Break.

    Some days we all need to just kick back and relax. That is what I’m doing this week; relaxing!

  • To unite, or not to unite (us as bloggers).

    It may not come as a surprise when we start out as novice freelancers, things don’t always seem like they should. This week’s blog post is about this exact topic; how can we merge ourselves out to be professional freelancers and our fellow bloggers? Find out in this week’s post.

  • The Empire!

    What will your future look like? How will you reshape it? Find out how on This week’s post on Sanchez Proofreading.

  • Keep processing our inspirations

    For us bloggers, it is hard sometimes hard to find and write about materials relating to our niches. But, a day out in the field, or a walk in the park might be just what we need. “A walk in… Read More ›

  • Put in a little more “you”.

    Literature is a great way to indulge our cerebral cortex in something that is beneficial; learning. With learning and knowledge come something that is very important, applying the new founded knowledge. Now, every person is different and applies different things… Read More ›

  • Amazing, isn’t it?

    Constant movement gets us where we need to be. However, when all we have been doing is ‘winging it,’ things don’t actually turn out as we would of hoped. But, there are ways to combat this. Find out on this week’s blog post.

  • Visualize…

    Sight is what the human brain relies on to function. Basically it is a motor sense needed to carry out normal “humany” tasks. But sadly, in some cases, some are born without the ‘sense of sight,’ which makes everyday tasks… Read More ›

  • Days like these are worth the effort.

    Picture this: there is a storm; everything is in turmoil and chaos. In the middle of all this, you find yourself trying desperately to find a way out, a safe haven. Alas, you find yourself a safehouse. Oh, how extatic… Read More ›