Hello my loving freelancers, writers, novelists, and amazing people. I have returned from a very, very, very long hiatus. Things have changed, morphed, and bloomed. I mean, the world keeps rotating; leaving all those who don’t move along with it, BEHIND!

But, after a very long hiatus, I am here and ready to grind as a freelance proofreader. You may ask yourselves, “why is this post so short?” “Usually he writes long, 1000 word posts.” You are truly correct. But I got my reasons (hehe). See, during my very, very, very, VVVEEERRRRYYYYYYYYYY long hiatus, I came into contact with some very juicy gossip. And lets face it, we love some hot gossip. So everyone stay tuned for some really hype gossip (LOL).


Categories: Books, English, General Services, lifestyle, Motivation, Post update, Proofreading, Reading, Words, Writing


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