It doesn’t matter how old we become, we all learn something new every single day. It is the way we’re made; taking information and storing it for future reference. Whether it’s gaining knowledge after a painful experience, or a failed test, whatever the case may be wisdom is acquired. See, the funny thing is that the young may think that they are on top of the world because they all the energy in the world, but the elderly are the ones, who almost always win. Why? Allow me to enlighten you…

Let the fear of failing not hold you back.

Let’s see, there is something that is like really amazing which many freelancers are able to do, and that is to travel as much as they want (given that they have the funds). But for them to have been able to do so, don’t you think they had to break a few rules? The answer is simple, yes. However, we must realize that they had to break out of mind-constricting fear. Fear that will keep you locked up inside and the worst part is that there is maybe no escape. But let’s not focus on a depressing parallel possibility. Why? This possibility could come true. AHA! It could, but it hasn’t as yet. See what I just did there? I was afraid of comparing a parallel outcome on my blog, but the basic reality is that, it never was about whether or not we were or are afraid. It depends on how much we allow our fears control and get the better of us. So, it doesn’t really matter how deeply sacred we are of doing something, we have got to do IT! Guys, we need to be realist, at some point in time, we may wonder what life out there might be like. Guess what, life is STILL moving on, and maybe, just maybe there is something waiting for you out there. But you might not find it if, and only IF you give into fear.

Life is as interesting as you make it.

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This one is as real as it gets. Do you want to live a boring, poky, depressing life? Or do you want to be feeling as free as the breeze, doing as you please? Of course, you might need to plan ahead what your battle plans will look like. It’s something like this quote. I really like it, and I thought I’d use this to bring my point to life. HMM HMM! It’s time for a flashback story. A couple of months ago, I was looking for something new, a fresh start. But I never really felt like I was going to go any further. I felt as if I had hit a large wall. No way over, or around it. It felt kind of depressing feeling this lost in myself. It was like I was getting absorbed by my own sadness. Doubt started creeping in as usual, and I found it twice as hard for me to get myself changing gears. Abruptly, something hit me. I wasn’t feeling myself, because I wasn’t trying to. My situation would have only gotten better if I tried to better. I didn’t think I could for some reason. And it wasn’t that I hadn’t tried, really I was proofreading already. But I began worrying about my clients, and if I would still be capable of proofreading. Obviously, the way I was spiraling out of control contained fear and uncertainties. And yes, it happens so suddenly. But, there be no need to stay and fret. I needed to get myself together, and make something of me.

Look like the Moon, and shine like the sun

Okay, so like nobody says terms and phrases like these, but I believe that expressing what you have deep inside is most important as person. So yeah, let’s go back to the relaying of “flashbacks,” and learn a thing or two from my crazy stories! So, after my crazy meltdown I had, there was a pending question; what next? This had to be similar to a really realistic nightmare on a cold, chilly night. You’re in a daze, confused, and disoriented. Panic is setting in, “WHAT DO I DO!!!!!” I know what you might be thinking, I should be a writer. Correct! I should, but no. I like writing on my own terms. That is what defines me as an individual. And it wasn’t up until I found my reason, that I would move forward with my plans and schemes. Let’s face it, when we hit rock bottom in our lives, we don’t want people crowding us, asking what next. Or put suggestions in our heads. We just need some time to think things through. I know I enjoy my peace and quiet.

So, let’s brainstorm on our subtitle; “Look like the Moon.” Why the Moon? Ever been outside or peeked through your window late at night during the Summer? The environment turns out to be really serene, and calm. So, so, calm. You might see the clear light emanating from the Moon. It is so calm. That is the exact scenario we need to put ourselves in. How? When society has a go at you, it can be a bit and rough at times. Trust me, there are those wouldn’t want to see you and I up on top. Keep a calm face, even if you’re aching to open and spew your achievements out. Don’t do it! Just smile a normal smile and keep pressing on. Once you’ve found your specific niche, executed your plans, and are making your dreams a reality, there is nothing stopping from shining. That is the precise moment when you find that everyone who never believed in you, never thought you could pull through, and certainly didn’t ever imagine you actually made it are left in awe. Trust me, been there and done it all. My advice to you, don’t stop. It doesn’t matter if all odds are stacked against you, don’t stop now, don’t stop later, don’t ever stop!

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