To unite, or not to unite (us as bloggers).

I have had this idea floating around in my head for some time now. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to blog about, but I have decided to shed some light onto this topic. True, I have centered my writing on my niche, but I still feel like it would help to some extent. During the course of one year, I searched desperately for any information about blogging, freelance writing, and freelancing in general. Part of me was hesitant to commence freelancing. The ‘what if’ kept popping up inside my head. So I decided to further my investigation on blogging, and better yet, should I link myself to other bloggers. Here’s what I found out:

Don’t hide who you are…

Half of me was against the whole ‘blogging’ thing. Partly, because I had not a single clue where to start. And the other part was unsure if I would be able to keep up with this. Could I do it? I felt as if I would fail just looking for information. Well, that was a very big mistake. Sure it took me time to get over my fear, but the feeling when I did my first blog post (wasn’t on wordpress), that feeling, it had no equal. To know that I did my very first post, I felt empowered. Now if you, or anyone is going to be a freelancer in general, don’t let the fear of ‘doing’ keep you back from accomplishing your dream. Besides, when everything has been realized, you’ll not only be happier within, but you’ll have owned your fear! Next I found out…

Don’t be afraid to blog with bloggers…

Over the course of a couple months, I met some really inspiring and amazing people who, not only blog, but blog with purpose and determination. Some of these bloggers make my day, some make me laugh, some of them I’ve grown fond of. Some of them even helped me to get to where I’m at right now. For example, while I was still new to the whole learning about blogging and niches, I found Nova and her website. Take a look, she blogs about mental health awareness, therapy, and empathy towards those who are affected and suffer as a result. I believe that as a blogger, it doesn’t matter who it is who reads, as long as we have love in our thoughts and goodness within, we can write anything!

Then I found Sunny and her website. She too blogs about mental health and depression. I never really knew how much of an impact depression could have on those who suffer from mental illnesses. And then, here I would be, all happy and loving life, when someone else is in pain. A little smile could go a long way. And it’s true, some of these bloggers go through very rough patches in their lives. As a blogger, proofreader, freelancer, it is imperative to share, not only my thoughts on certain matters, but to bring into the light facts and data on critical matters affecting us all.

Then there is Catherine Mellen. She writes poetry, and what is beautiful about her poetry that she channels her thoughts and deep emotions into writing. She then creates these amazing pieces of literature which beckon to the mind and soul. And I am very sure that we all need to keep reminding ourselves that it isn’t work alone which brings happiness. Rather it is show emotion and empathy towards others who we may not even know.

Don’t stop!

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting out as a freelance, been one for a very long time, or just trying new areas in life; we all need one another. I had a morbid fear that the moment I began to proofread, I’d end up back at square; without a job and crushed by the competition. Boy, was I wrong! Instead of trying to ‘hog up’ clients and keeping myself secret, I should have been looking to grow as a freelancer. If you are new to freelancing, be sure to take some of this advice and ROCK ON! Besides, if we can do it, so can you. We all need to keep pushing the limits. Then, and only then can we see out success.

Ps. Leave a comment if you had gone through, starting out, or encountered a similar story. We’d all love it!

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