The Empire!

Sounds like this is coming right out of Star Wars. I can’t disagree, I grew up watching Star Wars. I am a complete nerd, and I nerd out whenever I see anything related with Star Wars. That is just who I am. But despite my unsafe craving for comics and things related to comics along with manga, I have a conjoining of both. How… wait… what? Aha. Building your empire, your very own empire. And no it’s not about taking over the galaxy, which might be a bit tedious. Let’s find out how to do just the opposite. Building your own empire, or your own little kingdom where you are ruler; you make the laws.\


I was considering whether I should of capitalized just the ‘r’ in rebellion, but I decided to capitalize the entire word, I feel like it adds a little more stress on it. Anywho, rebelling entails much more than storming out of somewhere in a rush. Oh, by the way, we are going to rebel against our own current, boring 9 to 5. Why, you may ask yourself. Well let’s start there. It is at that particular point in your career where you see that you are being limited to a certain border. You can’t surpass that because you are under a boss. Which is understandable, but you might be wanting a little more something. Perhaps you and your family may be looking forward to a vacation in a remote tropical island. Now, you take a moment from all the excitement and analyze your current fundings. It may not come as a surprise to you that you may not even be able to afford the plane ticket (hey, it happens). The beauty about this is that finally you might have decided to change your financial income. Maybe you want more income, so you decide to make that one ‘leap of faith,’ and freelance. At this stage, you have decided to ‘you’ as a priority. No longer can your boss hold you down. You have decided to rebel against the norm (which is pretty cool). After your passive protest, what comes next?


After your successful rebellion victory, it’s time to press on forward with your attack. Again, we are not going to beat everyone at the workplace to a pulp (even though that would be kind of exciting). We are going to launch our freelancing attack. By this time we should of already found our niche. If you haven’t, then read this post. This way it is easier to make next move. Reaching out with your new niche is going help you gather some clients. This way, you’ll have some money rolling in on the side.

The catch to this is if your not able to multitask, you will encounter a lot of frustration. When I was transitioning from just my secular work income to both a freelance and secular income, it posed a challenge for me. I had to work, study (because I was stubborn on not going back to get my Bachillers), and juggle my personal life along with me freelancing. And that is how I nearly ended up going crazy. So much to do, so little time to do it. Plus the workplace was no ‘walk in the park.’ At this point, you learn so much. The first thing I did was to jump right into my next move without counting the costs. I blindly walked right into a chasm, unsuspecting of the impending pitch black darkness. I managed to get myself out of it, and just in time. I learnt, not to engage anything without finding some sort of support, this way I could lean on this support if I felt like all else was falling me. Gathering my support, my fleet, this is what I had to do. If I didn’t, I’d be going into the battlefield trying to fight a losing battle. What was at my left, what was at my right, what was behind me? Not having for yourself some support, is a very scary thing. The void of being all alone can be very overwhelming at times. And for this same reason, I chose to be that support — that voice that someone could depend on, because it seems as if I had gone down a similar path. Now comes the fruit from all this battling…

SERENITY (*^*^*^*)

It is a beautiful thing to accomplish a tranquil and calm environment. But, as there always is a but, it’s not so easy. There has to be a balance, an equilibrium between both sides. What are these two sides? The first is your drive and ambition to move forward with your plan of having extra income. The second is finding a way to balance off your secular work and freelance gig. What would happen if your work started overshadowing that desire to keep up with your freelancing gig? Nothing good could come from a situation like that. I’ll give you all an example. A couple years ago, before I started proofreading and blogging, I had quit my previous job as a sales clerk. Time had change those who were in the administration, they weren’t the people I once knew. I desperately tried looking for a job to help out around the house. I then found teaching English as an ESL teacher. But, as always a but in the sentence, I didn’t get hired. I was frustrated with myself for not being hired. My dreams were crushed. I then decided to keep studying as hard as I could so that at some point I would be hired. You know what happened? Nothing. I felt as if I failed so miserably, and as a result of that, I could not keep myself in control. It wasn’t all that bad, but I let myself believe that if I didn’t have a job, and a nice house, and a nice car, that I had failed as a human being. True, I wasn’t under secular stress, but mentally I was stressing myself out without even knowing it. There are many things that I wish I’d done in the past, but the past is in the past I always say. It is time to better the future. Create it as I want. A peaceful place, where I have piece of mind. Again, things don’t happen overnight. Even the fastest thing takes approximately a day. So yeah — but besides that, having been able to look at the past and see that you have been successful with your plans. It doesn’t matter how hard you’ve struggled, you have done it. And there is nothing that can overshadow that, except more accomplishments. This is your EMPIRE!

If you’ve built your own empire, leave a comment below. Let’s all join together and help out each other. That’s what we are here for.

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