Keep processing our inspirations

For us bloggers, it is hard sometimes hard to find and write about materials relating to our niches. But, a day out in the field, or a walk in the park might be just what we need. “A walk in the park,” “A day in the FIELDS?” “It’s not time for a stroll down a path full of daisies.” True, that is totally true. But let’s stop and weigh our options. We may have done the utmost best to continuously plan ahead for that ‘blog day.’ But week after week, it gets tiring. Even freelancers need a vacation too. You could be asking yourselves; what does proofreading, vacationing, and inspiration all have to do with each other? Good question (let me get you some more pills; lol what?).

How can a relaxing afternoon help focus?

Instead of overwhelming ourselves with work, bloggers, writers, freelancers in general, we all find the time to relax. It goes further than just bird-watching, or a picnic. It has to do with our synapses, cerebral cortex, the way we were made; an entire biological system. Our bodies are to repair ourselves, not just physically, but mentally as well. When we relax, hormones are released — yes I could bombard you guys with my academic background, but where here for inspiration. The moment the feels a lack of tension, the blood pressure is reduced. Instead of that hard, tense feel in the back of the neck, a sigh of relief comes along with probably a yawn. The human body has entered a relaxed state. Now comes the best part; we can focus on our pending task! Perhaps an evening at the beach isn’t for you, maybe it’s watching a movie with your family and friends, or going out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Whatever makes you feel comfortable, go with it!

When does the inspiration flow?

Ha! This is where it gets good. Inspiration hits everyone differently. It doesn’t have to be at the same time, the same way; and that is what makes every single person beautiful, inside and out. Whoever wants to be a ‘sourpuss,’ well that’s on them. Life is too amazing to be a grouch. Going back to the topic question; maybe you like smelling flowers, or looking at insects close up, or perhaps a great song you keep listening to on the radio — it doesn’t matter where it comes from, the thing is you are enjoying yourself. And that is exactly where you might find your inspiration. Once it starts to flow through, you might not be able to stop it (lol). What’s even more amazing is that everyday something new can inspire us. It just might add a little something to your life.


Nice. So after that relaxing afternoon, a surge of inspiration has just come over you. Quickly, take some paper and a pen, write down all your ideas and thoughts on it! Next, to the computer! It’s time to bring to life those inspired thoughts. The beauty about this part is that you can brainstorm, fix your ideas to your liking, and publish it whenever you feel it is right. That is part of the cycle of a blogger/writer.

Now, I’m sure some of you might have a similar idea, or may of thought about it a little differently. Let me know guys, leave a comment below and let’s keep processing our inspirations.

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