Put in a little more “you”.

Literature is a great way to indulge our cerebral cortex in something that is beneficial; learning. With learning and knowledge come something that is very important, applying the new founded knowledge. Now, every person is different and applies different things to different parts of their lives. No matter the circumstance, we find ways to address these situations. But, there is always a but (lol). Imagine this scenario, you’re an English major, and you need to submit a 10 page report on grammar in everyday usage. Now you could write about the general use, calculate how many times you use in a sentence, maybe you decide to throw in a couple basic facts. You might score an A on the report, but was it really you? See where I’m getting at.

Put a little ‘UMPH.’

Starting off writing an essay can be a bit challenging, and trust me I know about challenging. However, throughout the many years I’ve been writing, I’ve come across a little secret, that seems to bring writing to life. Imagination! Some people have a lot of it, some have a little, but despite that fact, we all can use a little imagination in our writing. I find that using my creativeness helps my writing. I want to connect with my readers, not just simply writing for the sake of writing. That wouldn’t be me; honestly I can’t see myself as not having fun while writing my blogs. There were instances I found myself yearning for some creativity. If I can’t show that then, I can’t have fun, and if I can’t have fun then, my efforts have become futile. Ever had a job where everything had to be really solem and boring? Yes it is a source of income, but seriously who has fun like? It’s mentally exhausting and tiresome — I never like it.

Next, channel those emotions in there.

Ever watched “The Fault in Our Stars,” or “Me Before You?” Those movies convey emotion, sad emotion. But they get the viewers engaged in the movie by targeting feelings of sadness and love at the same time. It is a beautiful thing. But before the actors and actresses, lights and cameras, there is a script (writing piece lol) which the designated writer/s would sit down and compose. They are masterminds behind the entire structure of the movie itself, and of the entire play. The person/s that are engaged in the writing are able to bring forth strong emotion and put that onto paper. See how powerful it then becomes? They channel deep, inner thoughts into this play, which then becomes a movie after the production series. Of course, if we wanted to write, direct, and produce a movie we could do so. There would be nothing stopping us, and we would be a force to be reckoned with.

Combine the two with some “you.”

Every person is different in his or her own way. The beauty about this is that we have diverse minds creating amazing treasures every single day. You and I are part of this. Again, whether it be proofreading, or bookkeeping your aiming for, you are able to create something grandiose. Apart from that, just pour your heart, mind, and soul into your work. You’ll definitely feel it. When you feel it, your reads also feel it. Any work that is done requires effort, why not do something you like. I like looking for errors in excerpts and paragraphs. Maybe you like writing, or maybe you have plans on creating your very first novel. Whatever it is that you feel like doing, do put your all into it. You could never go wrong there.

Then again, there are certain parts of life that take up a lot of energy. Focus is a main priority for freelancers. Why? Well let’s find out why next week. While your at it, leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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