Amazing, isn’t it?

After a long, tiresome trek, your work finally pays off. It doesn’t matter how crazy things have been, or how exasperating it felt up upon the moment you succeeded. Not everyone might know of your success, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a celebration. No matter how small of a victory something is, the magnitude for oneself is ginormous. Whether it be getting an online approved job, or entering into some form of education, or perhaps constructing something; whatever the case may be, it still is important to you.

However, there comes at least two, or more times in a person’s life where he or she feels as if what their strengths have become “less of what they once were.” But — and I say this at a very young age — I understand how you feel. Because I went through the same thing. Trust me, not a nice feeling. From going an entire year without a job, being rejected 12 times from a freelance job I thought would solve my troubles. Boy, was I wrong, however I was able to “wise up” just in time to start the next phase in my never-ending job search.

The 13 rules of success

Now, this might sound like something out of a novel, or a video game, but it is what helped me through my “rough patch.”

Rule 1: Never listen to the negative talk. It is probing, and testing in which doctors are able to create magnificent scientific accomplishments. In the same way, we are probed, and tested when negative talk floats about. It thus creates something magnificent afterwards. Ignoring the talk, and focusing on what you need to do is your priority.

Rule 2: There is time for everything. I had trouble with this. I needed to know that I could of moved onwards, and I was going to be certain about it. Unfortunately, that only caused more distress. I couldn’t see the day in which I could land a job and get on my feet. Rule of thumb, don’t rush.

Rule 3: Niche down. I can’t say how much this helped me. Finding out what I would do as a freelancer helped me directly. I could then niche down, and start off from there. In case you’re wondering what is a niche, it is a specific area of work that you will center yourself in. For example a tailor, or a bookkeeper. These are just some of the many few that you can start doing.

Rule 4: Plan ahead. If you decide to go for blogging, make sure you plan what you will be blogging about. It is super essential that for us bloggers. Why? Imagine that you blog everyday about lawnmowers. At some point in time, you need to do some research, otherwise you end up at a dead end. And that will take away time that you could of been using to blog.

Rule 5: Brianstorm with your friends. Those who have the same admiration for your niche, get them into your circle. Of course, you don’t have to expand overnight. Take your time and enjoy the ride. Having the right support can get you going in the right direction.

Rule 6: Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take a break. As cliché as this sounds, there is more to it. You can’t squeeze yourself dry, and expect that anything good can come from it. Take some time for yourself, get back on track, and rock on!

Rule 7: Own up to your expectations. As crazy I may be (lol it’s true), I have to take charge of my own emotions. Otherwise I won’t get anywhere. And yeah, I keep following this one because I know that deep down I might get that feeling of “unworthiness” to be a proofreader. Rather than give in, own who you are to become. It doesn’t matter who you will be, just own it!

Rule 8: Embrace the “CRAZY. Want to enjoy what you, have fun, feel young at heart, and be a mystery to everyone you meet, then enjoy who you are. If you use who “you” are in your writing, then be yourself. Despite what the ‘norm of the society’ is, you do what you want. Besides, freeing your inner self is such a relief.

Rule 9: Be grateful for what you have. “Kindness is free, love is free.” The 2014 Cinderella movie was about kindness and generosity. With that said, take some time to be kind to others. It doesn’t have to be a grandiose act, just a small act just so that we can feel content within ourselves. We are human beings and we all show love. A little love never hurts.

Rule 10: Take action. Now I know this should be in the top 5, but I still think this is necessary to hold on to. At some point, we might be afraid or ashamed of moving forward. I took action one day, and you know what, I am pretty happy I did. I would of left myself in the uncertain gloom forever, never knowing I could of done what I am doing right now.

Rule 11: Fall and get back up. And this is like my new motto; it has deep meaning. It took me sometime to actually put together a website. I made a heap of mistakes on my website, and you know it can’t be helped. We make mistakes that are so simple, yet because we don’t know. We have never experienced something this, so we can’t beat ourselves for it. It wouldn’t be logical. So you make the craziest mistake ever, try and correct it. You can change the course and trajectory of your life.

Rule 12: You can do it. Despite all the crazy inhibition, we are still on a move. Creating new, improved, and amazing works by our hands; nothing can hold us back. We can do it.

Rule 13: It’s your turn… time to take these rules and put them to good use. It’s time to get on a movement. Let’s see what all you guys have been doing. Feel free to leave a comment, or picture of something you have been working on. Besides, it will be amazing, I know it!

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