Sight is what the human brain relies on to function. Basically it is a motor sense needed to carry out normal “humany” tasks. But sadly, in some cases, some are born without the ‘sense of sight,’ which makes everyday tasks seem impossible. However, some people are able to heighten their senses. Losing a motor sense — in this case sight– makes all the other senses heightened and enhanced. You may be wondering what does any of this have to do with proofreading, but there is a some linkage. Let me show you.

The first step in anything, ever, is to plan first what is going happen next. It’s almost like a strategic battle plan; you need it in order to win the war. True we aren’t firing at the first thing we see, but we are looking on ways to gain advantage in life. Like really, who doesn’t want to go on a nice vacation, or spend time with family and friends. That’s who are; that’s how we were made, to enjoy life. True life is sometimes torturous, but things like planning ahead, and visualizing our goals can help us with our plans. I go back to proofreading again. Did I know I wanted to proofread for a living, was it what I expected, and could it be beneficial? Like, yes! But that was because I took the time out to analyze what was proofreading all about. At some point in my journey I felt like I was too desperate, looking for some form of income.

Desperation is what I call a “goal killer.” In the event that I could not find a new source of income, my mind began to overload me with all the possibilities that I would not be able to accomplish. I felt like I would soon start to ‘spiral out of control,’ and I would end up a complete failure. But, I had to visualize what I wanted in life; to blog and proofread, or sit at home frustrated and unemployed. It was my decision to make, and I needed to choose one. To be really honest, I didn’t think that proofreading would help me. I felt like there were too many options to choose from. Some days I had to slap myself back to reality. It was an ugly feeling to not know what to do. You feel so helpless — like everyone around you is able enjoy shopping and a sweet vacation, and you can’t because it’s not there. My advice to you, don’t worry about it.

Patience is key in the game of life. No matter how depressing and grim your situation seems, don’t fret. I did, and it got me sick. I couldn’t eat some days, I couldn’t sleep; it messed with my life. Just hold on! As crazy as it sounds, just hold on. I know from experience, keep your goal in your mind, and work towards it. The world of freelancing is so different than the real world. So believe me when I say, you’ll get there. There is so much to adventure and explore out there. Find your niche; I didn’t and that’s why I was so afraid of freelancing.

But ultimately, do your best. Oh, and golden rule of the thumb, DON’T GIVE UP…EVER! You can do, just visualize your goal. Besides, if you guys ever need help, I’m one email away from you guys. Leave comment if you feel inspired to make a change, determined to do something, or had an amazing experience.


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