Days like these are worth the effort.

Picture this: there is a storm; everything is in turmoil and chaos. In the middle of all this, you find yourself trying desperately to find a way out, a safe haven. Alas, you find yourself a safehouse. Oh, how extatic this makes you feel. You find comfort in the most unlikely of places. Now take this scenario, and instead of it being a force of nature, it is your everyday life! What overwhelming chaos that would be! But to be honest, we live in this same scenario each day without noticing. You might ask yourselves; “how is that possible?!” Well in reality, we are so consumed by work and extracurricular activities, that we time seems to ‘fly by.’

See the point is: having a huge storm violently rampage everything around you, and not noticing, becomes something normal after a while. For example, I have lived most of my life in the outskirts of a town. It’s a rural area and really quiet (and I still love my quiet). But recently, due to financial circumstances, I moved to a new town; one that is full of noise. The first few nights were a real pain; I couldn’t get any sleep. It was a real bummer, and annoying. I wasn’t used to the environment. But slowly, my body and mind adapted to its surroundings. Although the town is still loud, and noisy, it doesn’t bother me anymore. See where I’m getting at? It really doesn’t matter how different you may think you are, or unadaptable you feel, it becomes a way of life eventually. You become okay with it. Eventually it doesn’t bother you how much crazy is going on outside, you find yourself immune to it. Now switch this this example to your work… Ahhh! See? You could be happy with the little that you have (which there is nothing wrong with), but what if you want to explore something new, find a new ‘you,’ would you?

Going back to the previous illustration — what if you decided to get out, and look for a bigger, stronger shelter, or build something more secure — what would you? Yes, a storm is something which you can’t take lightly, and neither is your future. Getting out from that situation could mean life or death. But you rather fight for something that you feel is going to benefit you now, and in the longer run. Even though life isn’t as intense as a storm (thank God for that), we still experience ‘turbulence.’ But we make our future bright as we want it to be. Each and every one of us has the potential to do what we want to. It boils down to our goals and desires really. What we feel like doing. How much effort we are to put in.

The day may seem bleak and appear sinister like, but eventually the sun shines down on us. We can fight for how much sunlight we want. And it is days like these in which, all of our efforts, sweat, blood, and tears pay off. What’s beautiful is that we know that tomorrow will be better; things will get better. So it really doesn’t matter how many ‘dark clouds’ cloud our day — we can fix that. While I was looking around for an online course to proofreading, many things started going through my head. Things like, ‘would I be able to find an online course which actually teaches me the ropes of proofreading, am I cut out for it, am I really going to proofread and blog?’ I really was a hot mess. What made my situation worse was that the more people found out about my future plans, the more hate I received. This was my storm, the perfect storm for me. But I knew deep down, I could do. And was going to press on, no matter what. I was going to proofread, and proofread the best I could.

Bottom line? People out there who aren’t close to you, could make you feel like your in this by yourself. Sure it doesn’t have to proofreading. It could be making your dream house! Or going on that beautiful tropical vacation you always wanted! Or some other plan, that is yearning within you. You do it! And do it the best you can! Be happy about everything, because sooner or later, things are going to get brighter. So keep pushing, keep fighting, and most importantly keep smiling!

Hope you all enjoyed this read. I know I enjoyed putting it together, and putting a little bit of “me” into it. Leave a comment below, and tell me about ‘your storm,’ and ‘your fight.’

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