Level up!

Okay guys, I’m going to be “brutally honest” today; I really don’t care, and I couldn’t care less about my current situation (I used a country accent for this one; lol). I don’t know how many of you guys have felt like this. It’s not that you have become insensitive, it’s just that things don’t actually turn out the way you expect them to. Regardless of how upsetting the scenery is, you need to push forward. No matter how much you want to climb on your rooftops and just scream your frustration out, you have to move on. See moving forward implies change, and sometimes change is a bit… tiresome and scary. But besides all the comotion, there must be something we can do to break free, and that is:

Own yourself!

I blogged about owning up to yourself before. Meaning, don’t let others control you and what you do; instead you are incontrol at all times. It is something so liberating to know that you are directing your own pathway, read about it here. But besides all the deep self examination, take a moment to analyze your surroundings. Because your environment can have an impact on your progress. However, we can’t let that be the downfall of our progress. It doesn’t haven’t to end in misery, finding your own breakthrough is what is necessary and essential. Once again, I refer back to proofreading. The very first excerpts were not as I expected. At some point I felt as I was faking being a proofreader. I didn’t feel as if I was cut out to be a freelance proofreader. But for some reason, I knew that if I had not owned up to myself becoming a proofreader, I would not continue. It then became evident to me that this was much bigger than I had first anticipated. I began with some level of confidence but it wouldn’t be enough. I had to level up my confidence; it was the only way of pushing through my trepidations. Thus, I would be able to move forward.

What you do is a reflection of you!

I say this full conviction; “YOUR WORK REFLECTS YOU!” It doesn’t have to be proofreading, or bookkeeping, or court scoping for that matter. You could be a full fledged scientist, but if your efforts are minimal, then expect your life to feel minimal as well. The reason I say, this is because we all want to feel that joy of living, living a happy life. Seriously, which human on the earth doesn’t want to go on vacation and enjoy mimosas on a beautiful beach, watching the sun set. The amount of effort is reflected into the way of life; simple. I had this one time I was working, and it didn’t matter how much effort and energy I placed into my work, I didn’t feel as if I could actually going somewhere. I then decided to slack, which I shouldn’t of done, but I justified myself and my actions as being completely okay. But I let the feeling of emptiness invade my mind. It was “TOTAL POISON” thinking like that. But sometimes I think that might be the way I heal; like healing a wound with a heated metal object,painful but effective.

Admit your error and move on.

I can’t stress this enough. It’s like the “icing to the cake of life” (lol). It doesn’t matter how much you may try not make errors, you do them sometimes, and with even knowing. I remember this one time I proofread a document, I was totally confident in myself and I was certain I would make any mistakes. But the truth of the matter is, it didn’t matter how much I tried not make errors — even if you have great ‘eagle eyes’ — I still made a few. I was so frustrated. After I had said that I wouldn’t do such things, I still did. But the beauty of this is that you can rebound at any time. Analyzing your errors and seeing where your short comings came from is a great strategy. It does involve a lot of energy and time, but the end results are beneficial.

I had to break, sit down, and check where my errors came from; why did they happen. It was then that I realized I could of just sat down and mope all day long, but the moment I did that I would be allowing self-pity, and that my friends is a huge NO! Now I’m not saying we should not have empathy, but self-pity is dangerous. You won’t admit that you’re wrong, you can’t see where you should better yourself, and worse of all you can’t progress. You may feel like a mountain is on top of you, or the world is about to come crashing down on you, when in reality it was just a simple misunderstanding. Hold who you are close to your heart. And don’t change because people see you as unconventional or strange. I like being strange and spontaneous. It adds a little ‘spice to life’ (lol).

Don’t forget…

You are you, don’t change your personality just so you fit in; you are you. PERIOD!

I do hope that you are as excited as I am to keep leveling up in whatever it may be. Don’t forget, life is, hard but you can do it. Leave a comment on what you think and believe is your next move, your next leveling up.

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