I had been thinking for a long, about the entire proofreading and freelancing stuff. I felt like at some point, I wasn’t cut out for the freelancing world. Maybe I was in way over my head on this one, or maybe I should just keep myself where I was; hidden beneath fear and unwillingness to push forward. To be honest, when days like these hit, they hit hard. I sometimes lose to my deep inner thoughts. Sometimes I really think doing or experiencing something new would change that feeling, but it doesn’t. That’s shocking! But besides all the crazy emotional unstableness, I got a few tricks up my sleeve…

Gathering strength.

Now, I will be brutally honest; don’t stick out on a limb and think that you can face the world by yourself. I did that, and I payed for it. I almost didn’t accomplish my objectives because of my attitude; read about it here. Now, let’s be frank here, gather strength won’t mean a workout at the gym. Instead, we will try and gather our mental strength; that voice that says “I CAN DO IT.” I mean, I had to try. I just couldn’t have come so far, and give up. Even if my entire body was against me, fighting me at every breath I took. I said to myself, “son, you have come a long way. Most people your age won’t do the things you do or see the world the way you see it. You can’t give up now; not when your this close to success.” If your wondering like right now, if I have debates with myself, the answer is yes; which spontaneous person wouldn’t have a extensive discussion going on in their mind. (LOL) But besides the decisions that crucial and time sensitive, take the time to analyze what is happening around you. Gather those thought together, focus on your aim, and propel yourself forward.

Talk it out.

Again, I don’t mean having a chamber of commerce deliberation. Find someone who you trust, and express what is deep inside, eating away at you. But be warned, there are some who won’t share your same viewpoint or thought. So be on the lookout for some ‘not so nice‘ feedback. I’m not deterring anyone from searching for some help. What I’m saying is, just be careful. I told so many people that I was going to be a proofreader and that I would start freelancing. The first couple remarks were not what I expected. I think hardly anyone wants to try, even if trying means that they can better themselves. (Again not deterring) I had my mom who told to be happy with a job; at the very least I had a job. We had different viewpoints, and we still do, but I won’t let that interfere with what my goals are. I love my mother very much, but, this is my fight. I need to see what works, what is nonessential, and what can be my next big breakthrough. I strongly believe that talking about whatever it is that is on your mind helps, like a lot. So, it is more about understanding where you are currently, and then make your move. (Check this post out)

Plan ahead of time.

Every organizer, blogger, and writer knows how important planning ahead of time is crucial for success. Don’t wing it. You may end up in a ‘rut.’ Imagine blogging for a big shot company and they just ‘gave’ you the entire package. You’re your own supervisor, manager, everything; all you have to do is blog. Sounds like a dream job. But what if you started winging it; then what? You could only go so far before flunking out. It would be inevitable. Needless to say, disaster would be right at your doorstep, peeking its way right into your life. That is why it becomes imperative that you plan ahead of time. It doesn’t have to be for freelance business, it could be for anything really. Prepare for what you have at hand.

Coming down to the finally stages before your next move, realize that:

  1. Find your thoughts! Your thoughts are you.
  2. Take it ou! Don’t hold back. Even if your confidant isn’t saying what you want to hear, talk it out!
  3. Plan ahead of time! It doesn’t have to be for proofreading, it doesn’t have to be freelance stuff. Life needs to be planned correctly.

I hope after reading this, you guys are motivated, and pumped to get into action and start owning life, or plans if that be the case. Leave a comment and let me know what you guys think.

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  1. As I’ve continued blogging, I learned to plan ahead of time, and I totally agree that it’s important. It’s super helpful on those days when I don’t feel motivated or inspired to write because I have some drafts written or list of ideas. So I can pick up where I left off instead of creating something new.

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