This is how we’ll stand…

Picture this scenario; your in college — probably in the first year, a sophmore. You don’t know how to ‘fit in;’ it’s all new to you. But you can’t afford to be an outcast, uncool, or maybe labeled with a stereotype. It hurts, and sometimes it affects who we turn out to be. But that doesn’t have to always be the case. Each and everyone of us can change our surroundings for the better, even if it takes time.

I always had a problem with following norms and rules. I like to question the ‘why’ and ‘how come.’ Some days I dislike my character, but regardless of it, I find myself being a stronger person knowing I’ve found reason, grounds, and answers for my questions. It satisfies my thirst for knowing. Now, I’m going to share with you all a little flashback of mine. A tale of how I had to stand up for myself.

Wrong from the very beginning.

My first day of college was a bit… ‘awkward’ if you will. I’ve always been a lonely child. I grew up without siblings, so basically I’m an introvert; that’s what I’m comfortable with. So you can just imagine how geekish and nerdy I was back then. I had a crazy obsession with anime, manga, and anything related to comics. Those were the things that made me happy. But, the day came when the real world hit me. I soon had to realize that if I wanted to be accepted into the normal standards of the ‘classroom society,’ I had to leave what I grew up with aside. HAHA! As if I would… I used my creativity, and fought (verbally lol) for what I believe was true; the right to choose whatever you’d like to entertain yourself with. I was looked upon as ‘wrong from the very beginning,’ but I could care less. I liked, and still like anime, manga, and everything related with Japan (lol again). I’m one big nerd, but you know what, I am happy. I remained true to myself, even if that meant being an outcast. Besides the fact that I’m an introvert, I did make a couple friends (guess I’m not all that of an introvert). We still keep in contact, just to see how the others are doing.

But the question is, what does this have to do with proofreading. I mean.. like seriously; how could any of the past help in moving forward? Excellent question; let me answer that:

Reaching forwards.

We all are human, which means that mistakes happen. It is our beautiful flaw. And it is mistakes and errors that we make in life that we actually learn from. It could be the hardest, craziest, most messed up slipup you could ever make, but after that, learning from that is what will help you make a better and much brighter future.

It’s the same thing with proofreading. We all learn from our grammatical errors. There are days when our language gears, hidden all the way up in our brain fail (lol). Trust me, I once proofread a company’s document, made a ton of errors. The good part was that I caught on to it quickly. It was embarrassing, but I chose to use that feeling, channel it into my work, and I made great work the second time around. It took me a while to get over the feeling, but after I overcame it, I had never felt better.

Despite the errors.

Despite all the crazy mistakes I had made in the past, I chose to stand and hold my ground. I could of easily given up that time in college after being pressure to conform to the norms of the ‘school’s society,’ but I decided to choose what made me happy. And the time I wrongly proofread that company’s documents, I could of quite, thrown in that towel, and look for a new alternative to my freelancing career… but I didn’t.

I like being a nerd, I like comics, I like proofreading, It’s who I am and I’m going to be. True, sometimes I feel like giving in, but if I did, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog. I wouldn’t be proofreading. I would of just simply given up at trying. And come to think of it, none of my work would be able to come to life, had it not been for me standing up to opposition.

It pains my heart some days when I hear people who had dreams and didn’t accomplish them. I know life is hard, but still try. I know some days are harder than others, but just try. Stand your ground and don’t give up.

Well, there you have it, my tragic backstory (lol). I hope you guys are as pumped as I am about accomplishing your dreams. Leave a comment below if you have one of a tragic backstory, or a future plan. It’s time to put those skills into action.

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