Why aren’t we moving forward?

It’s a real pain not moving forward in life. You might try giving your all, but it just doesn’t give you the momentum needed to get ahead in succeeding with your goal in life. I should know –life keeps giving me surprises that unexpected. Sometimes, I try, and try, and try again; just so hard, and I come up empty-handed. Maybe you might of had a dream as a kid, to something that would leave everyone’s mouths opened. Yeah, well it’s still a possibility. Perhaps you are looking for your next big break, or the next chapter in your life. Whatever the case may be, I’m here to help. Now, making a living on your own is quite a big step (challenging as well), if you don’t know exactly all ‘the ropes.’ But it will never be about just about the knowing, the marketing, or the strategic business line you have to follow, infact, it will be about your motivation; what drives you to act.

To do, or not to do!

If you have read a couple of my blogs, then you’d know that I’m all about new movement and action. That is what I hold my moto by. Create a new chapter in my life; helping those along the way. However, it’s not that easy, and some days are worse than others. But –and I repeat this– it get crucial when we face those ‘I just can’t’ days. It boils down to whether “you do or do nothing, there is no try.” (In Yoda’s voice, lol) Acting upon your current situation is either going to make, or break you, so make use of the time you have. I used to fear moving forward. I dreaded not knowing, and because of that, I always kept myself in the shadows; never surfacing to see what lies ahead.

Let’s get a move on; shall we?

After realizing that fear was the one thing holding back, I then decided to find ways to combat it. And thus, there was a new beginning. I totally feel like I can go more, and each day, as I grow as a person in knowledge, and capacity, I feel accomplished and happy. I know now, looking back, if I had let my fears control me, I would not be here today. And you know, it may be true that every person is different, and maybe the way we coup with our inner fears are completely different, but I believe that we all can do what we put our minds to do. It is up to each one of us to take charge of his/her actions, create the desired pathway to that objective; even if it is the hardest thing to do.

Start from scratch!

“There is way else to but up.” I remember those words from a movie I once watch when I was a kid. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think of using that said phrase. Those words are true; just take a look at at nature. A butterfly never skips its larval stage and turns miraculously into a butterfly. No. It has start from a caterpillar, work it was up to the creating a cocoon without being eaten, and then, transform itself into a majestic and beautiful winged creature; capable of mesmerising every eye that affixes sight onto it. Each one of us are like a small tiny caterpillar; unseen and hiding from the world around us. But the moment we decide to change, the moment we decide to build our cocoon and metamorphosize into the captivating, and outstanding freelancer you had always dreamed of becoming. It takes time, trust me, but after beating the odds, you’ll more than likely enjoy the your results; I know I did, and I still do.

Be true to yourself.

Many at times, my ego gets into the way of my work. Because I want to show I’m independent, I often end up hurting myself, and others around me. (Not a pretty sight) If you are guilty (moi) of being a lone wolf, then find support. I never would of been able to start a blog if weren’t for the support of my family and friends. But maybe, just maybe, you don’t like having that many people around you all the time; that’s okay. One person, or persons that you trust, can be enough for you. But don’t forget, be humble sometimes. It’s never a good idea to rely solely on your own. I did try it, and I ended up paying a high price because of that. Ask for help; there are over 10 billion plus people on Earth, at least a couple of them will be able to help you to:


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and are as excited as I am to get moving forward with whatever it is that you have planned for the future. Leave a comment below if you’d like to!

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