Workaholics aren’t the only ones who suffer burnouts due to overwork. The average person can also overwork themselves, thus suffering burnouts. What makes a burnout so bad, how can we avoid such a calamity, and if we are burning ourselves out; can we fix it?

What makes a burnout so bad?

As the describes itself, a burnout is running yourself dry of energy. Nothing in life has meaning, or purpose to you anymore. This can lead to an introvert way of living (which isn’t bad; personally) but ultimately we might end up feel worse about our situation. If we have a family, they can suffer as much, and become victims of a burnout as well. Working so hard, sacrificing time, and leaving the more precious things in life for last. Basically, you sell your ‘entire life’ for money.

How can you and I avoid burnouts?

My cardinal rule — something that I live by as a proofreader; never slave yourself for money. Sure it’s a nice thing to have, and a necessity, but sometimes, it becomes our focus in life. Before I started proofreading, getting my life together, finding who I’d be in life, I worked in a small department store. I always felt I could do more, but I settled for what I had. The next couple of years, I noticed I didn’t get a pay raise. I thought maybe I wasn’t working hard enough, so I did just that; worked my butt off. When the end of the year came, do you know what happened? Instead of receiving a nice annual bonus, I got half of what my bonus should of been, a lecture on how many times I had been absent, and how I could not work anywhere else, except at that particular store. All my hard work was for nothing; trying to split myself into different pieces only made me frustrated. Despite giving my all into my work, getting frustrated, and blaming the world for my failure, I learnt something; give a little of yourself, not all. My younger self would of never known what it meant to be overworked, and now that I have grown, learnt, seen, and understood how life works, I can maneuver myself around potential situations that can put into a compromise. Bottom line, don’t freak out at work. It only turns you into a control freak, and trust me, no one likes a control freak.

Take time out to reflect on the good things in life. What makes you happy. This way, you don’t end up a complete grouch.

Can we fix it?

Definitely! Never hold yourself guilty of having a burnout; it happens to the best of best of us. Instead of mounting upon yourself more stress, learn to forget a little. Don’t hold your work so dear to your heart. The moment you let your work control you, you have given it the right to do as it pleases. Certainly, it becomes a tough situation; something that you might not want to find yourself in. Instead of giving in, take your life back. I know I did. I found freedom again in my life. And I know it is a bit hard at first, trust me, I didn’t feel like doing anything else other than work. I wanted to make so much money, that eventually I could do my own thing. That was not the smartest move, but it did teach me a great lesson. That is why I decided to start proofreading, freelancing myself, and getting myself out there for the world to see. Then I figured, if I have come upon such determination, why not share it with the world. Perhaps someone might be in ‘the same shoe’ as I once was in. I keep remembering how bitter I was towards the world. I didn’t let go, I didn’t forgive, and before I knew it, I was repaying to the world every deep, and hidden emotion I could find; even if it meant hurting innocents. I was a scary person, but throughout life and experience, I’ve learnt to forget what others have done. Make amends, even if I’m not at fault. That way I can be a better person. So, don’t fret, worry, or complain if you are experiencing a burnout. We proofreaders do burn ourselves out from time to time, but we don’t let that be the focus of our lives. Instead, we find the way to come back from it, stronger each time.

To my readers:

My greatest wish is that, my blog posts may help my readers in whatever form of trial, or stressful mess anyone finds themselves in. Maybe in the future, some of you readers may tell your own tale. I hope you readers enjoy my posts, and find much use from them.

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