Okay, it’s time for business!

I don’t know about you guys; my readers, but I just have a terrible time concentrating on my tasks at hand. This poses a great deal of trouble for me, not because I’m just lazy, and my mind is wandering off to thinking about something I’ll be doing later, rather it poses a treat for my work (blog posts). Now this is real –procrastinating never helps when you need to get stuff done. As a proofreader, it’s true I don’t have a boss, but I do have a deadline to meet. I could end up getting my name as a proofreader smudged by my actions. Not only me, but in reality all of us have some deadline we have to meet in order to move forward. Our lives are governed by time, so it is just natural we live by a timed scheduled. Everything we do has to come to an end. It is the ‘Law of Nature,’ so there is no escaping it. But the question remains, how to make the most out of your time? Let’s see if I can (lol).

To be or not to be!

Finding a way to combat your inner desire to slouch on the couch, feel that ice cream, or just enjoy the day as the time rushes by; it a race against time (lol again). But hope is not lost; if I went through it, survived, and I’m still here, I’m letting you in on all the tips, tricks, and hidden factors that inhibit the ability for us to expand, and grow as business people. I got a few ‘tricks up my sleeve,’ and I’m totally letting you on it.

i) Don’t let distractions get to you: I should know about this one; I live right by a two way street in the middle of a crazy busy town. Trust me, you need to ‘DROWN OUT THE SOUND!’ Besides running my two blogs, I study nutrition, accounting and bookkeeping, and transcript proofreading. I am super saturated some days, and I am drowning in work. The noise is no help to me, or to my success. But I can’t let that rob me of my opportunities in life. I find having headphones to be my greatest ally. I blocked sound out, and just zone out to my favorite tunes. Yeah, it isn’t recommended, but it is either my tunes, or crazy cars crashing into one another (not a pretty sight).

ii) Find time to sit down, and find your happy place: I can’t stress this point enough. At the end of the day, it is the end of the day! Don’t take work with you to sleep. It just aint right! You have worked yourself, almost into the ground, and now you want to take it to your safe haven? No… Simply no.

iii) Be grateful: The simplest things in life are what we need to remind us what is really important. Family, friends, children (offspring) –basically anything that can help us reflect on where we are going in life. And again I’ll say this; “it is not about the many things you have, instead it is about the time you spend with your family and friends.” Trust me, life can flash right before your eyes, so don’t waste it.

iv) Take a break: This is almost similar to the second point. What I mean by taking a break is that, don’t rush to get stuff finished right away. And no, no procrastinating. Just, relax, and take your time. Don’t build a stress mountain for yourself. That is both, a terrible thing to do, and it isn’t good for your health.

Take the advice from me, and trust me on this. I procrastinated enough while I was in highschool, and well now that trend of my stopped. I have become a productive adult. And now, everyday, I keep on learning new things, and growing in knowledge. I am determined to keep pressing forward, and accomplishing my goals. But besides that, I want to also help as many people as I can, who probably are experiencing the same thing I went through. Before I close off, remember if I could do it, you can too. And not just because you have potential, because you have a dream, and nothing is going to stop you from that! Until next time word nerds…

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