I like the movie, ‘Horton hears a who.’ It conveys a powerful message. Yet, it took me some time to realize this. Now, it didn’t matter how small, or tiny of a voice was heard from the spect, Horton knew something or someone was there; with a voice! Likewise, we too may have a voice — as small as it may be — that can be heard. However, we have obstacles, and opposition. It is ultimately, up to us to keep our voices heard. But there is a question:

How to keep my voice from being snuffed out?

That is an excellent question. To answer it, let’s remember what happened to Horton. Ruby, our villain in this movie, is set on eliminating Horton’s new spec, and friends; convinced he is losing his mind. She gathers the community, influences into everyone that Horton has lost it. Imagine just how powerful she becomes as an influencer.

It becomes very obvious that one voice can change a lot in someone’s life. Now, put that example of Horton into our own lives, and our daily routine. No doubt, this is a very difficult task to handle. But as I always mention in my blogs (more like what I should start saying); never back down from a fight! Now I don’t mean to pick a fight, instead, don’t let yourself go loose. Yes, I said loose. To loosen your grip, or to lose your focus on what you had planned out for the future. Now, the real question is how to keep your head above an ‘all-negative-wave’ of hostile comments.

But, don’t fret. I have had a long, hard look at life. To be honest, it is very interesting, and unique. Among the ten billion inhabitants on earth, each life is unique in its own way.

Take this example; learn from it, and keep it close to you at all times:

Take you right hand, and but it on your chest. Right above your heart. You know whose heart that is? That is your heart, and that is a heart in which you should cherish, and love with respect. Don’t give, or return the hate shared out to you, for you are much more than that. You have the power to love, and forgive (each, and every day). Take that power, and share it every single day you breathe. This way you own, and control your emotion. Regardless of the hate given, you are you, and don’t change just for a person who is never willing to help you grow as a person. This way your voice is going strong as ever.

So how can I keep my voice from being snuffed out? You make your voice so loud, so huge, to the point you can’t be shut down. And remember, do it with kindness.

Listen to that voice!

I had a hard time combating my innermost thoughts. My insecurities were what held me back from accomplishing some of my lifelong goals. It wasn’t until I started listening to the good inside me, that I was able to break free from all the chains I placed on myself, without even realizing what I was doing. I kept breaking those chains, one by one. Trust me, it wasn’t easy, and certainly it wasn’t a smooth process. The sleepless nights, wondering if I would be able to go through with what I had planned. But, how free I felt, each time I broke a chain. The weight of the world was no longer on my shoulders. Thus, I decided to do everything that is unconventional. It made my life much more exciting. Plus, I can live life my way.

So yeah, we are here!

Despite the fact that everyone was waiting for me to fall, I defied the odds. I made my own path. My voice, my path, my life! So, yes, I did listen to my voice. I took matters into my own hands. And now, I unleash my voice, for it to become a beacon, and inspire others to do the same. Heaven knows what would’ve if I had not decided to take charge of my own voice. To be honest, I don’t think I would have even tried proofreading, or bookkeeping, or even blogging. I would not be the confident, strong minded, and determined man I am today. Looking towards the future, what it holds, and what comes next — that is the exciting for me. Who knows, I may just make my business place, just so to help others more profoundly, and give them the aid to make their own path. We are here; we never left.

We are here, and we are not leaving!

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  1. IT IS HARD, BUT IT IS WORTH A TRY. – Sanchez Proofreading

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