That “Rut!”

Mud. It’s sticky, it’s messy, it gets in places we don’t like (like in socks or inside our shoes). But ultimately, it’s not a nice feeling. Sometimes mud can be as big and as deep as a large family size swimming pool. Imagine falling into something like that. Or, perhaps we think about quicksand when we hear the words ‘sticky’ or ‘mucky.’ To be honest though, no too situations are pleasant to be in. But instead of thinking about mud pools or quicksand in the Saharan Desert, let’s think about real life ‘sticky situations,’ like a ‘rut.’

A rut can mean different things, but the definition we will be using is this one: noun (2) definition of rut (Entry 3 of 4) 1a: a track worn by a wheel or by habitual passage 2b: a groove in which something runs 3c: CHANNELFURROW (Taken from the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary). Now, this ‘rut,’ can be the most bothersome and exasperating life experience.Why? To illustrate, picture this: your in a vehicle, in the jungle, and you accidentally drive your vehicle into a mud patch. Ultimately, you aren’t going anywhere any time soon. It doesn’t matter how much you press onto the gas pedal, swerve the steering wheel to the left or to the right or jump out and scream at the mud, you are not going anywhere. It will take brute force and some rocks to get you out of that ‘muddy’ situation.

Similarly, we need to use brute to get us out of a rut (sticky situation). We need to claw our way out from the mud hole or otherwise, suffer a boring and continuous routine. But what could get us falling into a rut?

  1. Lamenting over the past: Never would you be able to look ahead if you keep yourself living in past. It will start to kill all your dreams and aspirations.
  2. Worrying about people who don’t deserve your time: Ever had a toxic friend who’s only focused on him/her self? Anything, and I mean anything, you did or tried, would not be enough for such a person. They would try and belittle any effort you make to better yourself. FYI; DUMP THEM! Things might only get worse, and start escalating from there.
  3. Gather yourself together: You have to regroup with your mind. Constant battling and warfare can have a toll on your body and system. Remember you are fighting, not a physical fight, but a mental game. Don’t allow yourself to be swindled into relinquishing over who you are to no single person.

Some days are better than others. Getting yourself out of a rut is a real challenge, so keep you senses close to you. Don’t loosen your focus. It is a difficult task. And you know what, it is even harder when things aren’t going your way. You may have planned out every step in you life or career, and now suddenly, everything seems and looks like it won’t work out for you. Never fear, you have come this far in your life, and at this point your life, you can’t simply give it up, just because a few things don’t seem to flow along. Remember what happens when the sun comes? It evaporates liquid (MUD!). Aha! The heat from the sun is able to dry up anything that is liquid. We are our own heat source. We are the ones who are able to create new light for ourselves, regardless of our circumstances.

And now for the encouraging part!

As a proofreader, we are required to keep a sharp eye out for any errors in writing. But I have decided to challenge myself. As usual, I can’t stop and take life easy; am I correct? So I am currently studying the art of: Transcript proofreading. Lord, IT IS HARD! My honing skills have to be amplified. And it is a field for me. My instructor is like, brutally honest with all her students; I can’t blame her for it. Those are the things, the words of a successful teacher instructing the ones who are fresh and new in the field, they give us all an alarming ringing in each of our heads. We can do this, just don’t sit down and wait for something to fall out of the sky.

I am going to go through the strainer with this one, but you know what, I can do it. I honestly did not think I would survive the first module. But I still pulled through. Now, I have said this for over the past couple blog posts I’ve written: ONLY YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO. I know see how powerful those words resonate within my head. Keep it in mind as you power through the day and week!

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  1. IT IS HARD, BUT IT IS WORTH A TRY. – Sanchez Proofreading

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