Okay, So… Almost So?No. Not So Fast!

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in a comic book? Perhaps, one where there is the villain that makes all sorts of crazy conundrums or stupid,yet ingenious riddles. Or maybe a romance novel, with a crazy twist at the end. Whatever your preference is, there is always something, something that catches you by surprise; a turning point that peaks your interest and you feel compelled to keep reading.

Life can take us through mazes, through twist and turns that we won’t be able to keep up with. Sometimes, a couple of curves can knock us off our routine; something that isn’t always pleasant. Perhaps you have found a job you really like, but, the boss / coworkers are “a piece of work.” That changes the happy-go-lucky spirit that we once had, just poofed away! In last week’s post, I mentioned a couple tips on own life. Now, let us say, for example: we have found who we are, we are bossing our lives; what next?

First phase: Okay, So?

You have found control over who you are. Nothing is about to make you crumble. The question is: What to do with all this ‘new found power?’ AH! There are a lot of freelance options out there. Some, where you don’t even have about schedules or bosses. You are your own boss.

I like the feeling of being my own boss. I can proofread, bookkeep, and write. All these accomplishments, without the hasell of ‘a boss,’ breathing down my neck. I mean, it is mentally exhausting, working yourself dry, all for a slap in the face.

Before I decided to venture into the virtual freelance world, I had to do some research. One day, while frantically searching for an online job, I came across this site: Making Sense of Cents. This site helped direct me in the path I should of taken a long time ago. This way, you can unleash your true potential, and create your own masterpiece.

Okay. So the first step has been completed. You are blogging your heart and soul into your posts. But something doesn’t quite add up. You are not getting the traffic you need. You are getting stuck on what next you should blog about. The fear of flunking out starts to creep behind you. You feel as if your efforts are becoming futile. What next?!

Second phase: Not So Fast!

Never so fast!

After finding your place, the real battle begins. A battle of hard perseverance and resilience. You do what you must, but deep down, you are about to crumble under the twinge of fear and dismay. It is a constant battle, especially when you are about to throw in the towel. Not…so…fast! I too, felt the exact same way. But, you know what helped? Again, while looking for help and advice on the internet, I came across Ruth Soukup and her site: Do It Scared. I felt as if I had found my voice; who I should be and what I should focus on, even if that means that I am scared to death. So, with all these things going on:

What Next?

That is where your determination comes into play. How badly do you want to rule your life? How much sacrifice are you willing to put down on the table? Are you willing to risk something in order to get ahead?

I did. I had to sacrifice time, risk money, and I had to dig deep so I could find my ambition (crazy ambition). But, over all, I am happy that I did so. Something that is finally mine. I have my success story, and much more to come. Now the question remains; Will you fight for what you want.

Remember the illustration I used with Superman? After he gets a beating of a lifetime, he still returns, vanquishing his enemy. No matter how many times they throw, punch, kick, and laser beam Superman, he always gets up (except when some, silly villain has kryptonite). Life can be a real villain, and it may be up to each one of us to defeat and vanquish our villain. Punch after punch, slap after slap; we can do this. We can win our own battles.

Hope you guys enjoyed and found much use of this post and my blog. I am working on an ebook with tips on writing and proofreading. Keep following my blog for more great content. If you guys have any experiences, have questions or are curious as to what all I do as a freelancer, hit the comment box and post your query.

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