Tips For Surviving The Week; On Second Thought Make It For Life!

Hi everyone, so sorry about the overdue post. Been ‘riding out’ the week like a pro. But I didn’t always feel like a boss owning the week. I don’t know if you guys have ever felt like the world is about to cave in on you, but that is what I feel like everyday of the week. It’s so suffocating and mentally draining. How did I overcome such a colossal, and monstrous mental task? Could you do the same?

Focusing on the main point:

Life is unforgiving and sometimes you have to be unforgiving as well!

Sit down and think for a while, what brought you to the point that you are in your life currently. Do you have an escape route? For me, my main point had to be my next move. All most like playing chess. What would be the next move; could you defeat your opponent in that move? Now my opponent, our opponent is life. Just as a boxer, looks to find his challenger’s weak spot; life does the exact same thing. That ‘sucker punch; to the gut; and your out! Yes, taking blow after blow and I’m still here. How come? Well like I mentioned previously, think and plan ahead. I took some time out, not long ago, just so I could evaluate my status; who was I? Know what I found out? I had no clue who I was; the reason? I was not focused on getting ahead. Instead I was centering myself on surviving day to day, week to week, on a paycheck that barely made it to the following week. That is, until I evaluated my situation again. Now, for the second time I would make a leap of faith. This time a little more focus, but still, I had no clue where I would eventually end up. Still, I said to myself ‘Romani, you have to focus. Focus son!’ On this second trip down life, however, I learnt a couple of tricks to help me focus better:

Trying to please everyone is the most toxic thing to do. Eventually all you do is make every single person happy, except you. In other words you ‘sacrifice you‘ for a person that, perhaps may not even appreciate it. I know because it happened(s) to me as well. It’s not that I’m trying to say don’t be nice to people, instead don’t allow them to rob you of your joy. Don’t give people that golden opportunity.

Socialize with like-minded people. I can’t stress this one enough. Having toxic people around and not get poisoned is virtually impossible. Unless you have venom, just like those around you, which would be catastrophic in the longer run. Trust me, having a person who does not see the world as you do and ultimately undermine every, single, amazing decision; that is disaster in the making! How could you make any progress, if all you constantly heard was; “you can’t. You won’t succeed. You will fail.” I had a friend a couple years ago, who, despite being a really cool and great friend, he had this envious spirit. He didn’t show it at first. But after the years passed, it just spewed out hatred. What’s worse is that, I was too naive to see the impending danger ahead of me. I had to find new friends. People who will accept and cheer you on, those are the people you must surround yourself with. Otherwise, you may spend the rest of your life regretting choices and decisions that would of made your life interesting!

Find YOU! Who are you right now? Who are you going to be in the future (sounds like kindergarten.) Because come tomorrow, you have to be prepared to face it. So knowing exactly who are is going to help. I didn’t know who I was, and to be brutally honest, I didn’t find myself until recently. And no, if you are thinking that I walked through the Amazon; searching for some part of me that was missing, you’re wrong. It not that hard, really. Like, I can say right here and right now; I am Romani Sanchez. I am a proofreader and I have never been happier. See. I own who I am. Yes, I did hand over who I was to other people, but I claimed myself.

Evidently, the outcome of finding and owning who you are is a step forward in progress. Now the big question:

Can you find YOU?

Exactly...Find who you are!

This is the profound and succinct question you must answer yourselves. Can you find you? Could you turn to the world and say I am….. and I have never been happier. That my friend is all up to you now. Don’t worry, I and whosoever is beside you, are cheering you on. Plus, if an overweight, clumsy, nerdy, socially awkward outcast like myself could do it, so can you. Remember, no two people are the same. With that in mind, think about this:

  • You have fought countless battles in bullying.
  • You have cried and had sleepless nights because of the hurtful words said, but you still stand tall.
  • You are ostracized from the rest of your peers because you are outgoing, fun, and spontaneous.

See what I’m doing there? Yes, life becomes a mind game. In the end, the weak minded are the ones who fall. Picked to pieces and left for dead. But, and I say this with full conviction, you can fight and win. Don’t give up.

People tend to find things to make fun of. Letting their words sing in your head day and night is giving in, is accepting defeat. Makes me remember a time, just before I started proofreading. So much talk was said among those who knew me. Some of that talk was uplifting to me. The rest, were negative comments. But besides all the controversy, I’m still here. Writing, blogging and proofreading. All thanks to finding who I am, should be, and will be.

So yes, find the you, you should be. Don’t let others talk you out of becoming the person you envision yourself to be. To further your search, I have a link here on a couple more tips on focusing. Give it a read guys, and remember; You all can do whatever you put your mind to.

To all my readers:

I have been a little preoccupied recently with studies and a couple clients. Thank you for bearing with me through this. It surely is an exciting time learning.

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  1. IT IS HARD, BUT IT IS WORTH A TRY. – Sanchez Proofreading

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