How? When? Where?

Hey everyone, Romani Sanchez here with this week’s outlook at proofreading. In this post, I am going to put a little bit of me into it. I feel like a creative person, and well I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone. A new adventure is always waiting around every corner. So in the spirit of adventure, let’s see how creativeness could help in being a proofreader. Plus, if you have your niche, looking for one or having trouble getting out of your comfort zone, how can this post help you get to your goal!

First: How can having a creative mind help you in not just proofreading, but in almost all aspects of life?

If you are new to my blog on Sanchez Proofreading, then you may not know about the hard struggle I underwent to get to this point. A little bit about me; never did I ever dream that I would be running my own site. I always watched these commercials that would come on right before my favourite t.v. programs, just seeing how nice those people in the commercial, all happy and enjoying life. I said to myself one evening “I WILL.” Not sure how I was going to do that. To be honest, I was somewhat of a shy person. I would always overthink stuff until I’d lose my opportunity. But for some reason, having a creative imagination is like a having a flashforward to what your situation (life) could be like. For me, having somewhere to get my ideas, thoughts or just getting my mind free and letting my imagination run wild; it’s like the best feeling ever. Now keep in mind I had to make some minor planning and adjustments. It was a really cool and savvy idea for me, the underdog, to free an inner trapped voice; free and able to express words without any pessimistic influence. From that moment on, I don’t think I’ve held back anything. Only moving forward with a steady mindset.

Second: When should I use a creative imagination? ii) What is a niche and how can I use it to express myself?

This is one question I live by. Wait…what? Sounds kind of ironic, doesn’t it? Well yes, it does. But this is where I find I rebel against all the naysayers and all the haters. See if you have a creative imagination, everything you end up doing is going to be an outstanding and dynamic display of the person you are. Don’t worry about how shy or reserved you are. That is who you are, and will not change for any one person or people for that matter. So I give you a thumbs up and YES to creative thinking and imagination.

Part ii: What if you want to start your own movement, but don’t know where to start? Good question ( I always say,) but really important question what would you, I, us, we blog about? That’s where a niche comes into play. It took me a couple of sleepless nights to understand what a niche was, so I looked up the definition and here is what I found: “a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted.” So it simply refers to a profession or skill you are good at and you stick to it. Say it be proofreading (guilty) or writing (guilty again) or perhaps you happen to be an exceptional fitness enthusiast or maybe it’s being, you feel what moves you to be you.

Find what makes your imagination soar across your mind!

Third: Where to showcase a creative mind?

The answer you look for is right in front of you. The internet or to be more specific a website (social media as well.) Make your own place of freedom. Plus you don’t have to worry about publicity because releasing all that juicy creativity will be found sooner or later (experience talks.) If you like getting yourself out there, then there is always social media. Find a couple of platforms you find yourself comfortable, and as the blogging experts relate, be consistent with your posts. This way your work will be flooding the internet. Literally!

So don’t you forget:

1) Adventure is always out there. You need to find it!

2) Don’t hold back from being creative!

3) You are you, and you will never change. Period!

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