The one being stressed…

Hey everyone! Romani Sanchez here again. This week I am talking about a couple of wording problems we proofread encounter while proofreading. It makes our job a little tougher, and at times very frustrating! Now for you readers who might that there are words similar in sound in the English language, but mean two completely different things, these words we classify them into the category called HOMOPHONES.

Evidently, as a proofreader, our work must be complete and concise. Otherwise, we can lose ‘our job’ as proofreaders. So it is imperative that our probing skills be on point. For example, this week I was reading a couple of blogs about using correct pronunciation. What’s interesting is that a couple of words have the same pronunciation:

Like {to, too, and two.} Strange right. I looked up the pronunciation; all three sound alike. This makes work, even more, harder for us to proofread.

There was another couple I took for granted. I was messaging a professional court scopist. Boy was that embarrassing. The two: {waist and waste.} What was worst was that I totally thought I knew exactly what I was typing! Full confidence overload. HAHA! After I sent my ‘masterpiece,’ I decided to go over what had written. Whoopsies!

There was another instance where I didn’t capitalize ‘I’ while messaging the same scopist. I had not realized that ‘I‘ should be capitalized (huge error as a proofreader.)

Talk about clumsy. But instead of finalising my demise as a freelancer (which would entirely drive me crazy,) I decided to learn from it. Is not about the number of correct answers you give, but the number of errors you learn from. Yes, for the moment I totally flipped out. I felt as if my entire career was ‘going down the drain.’

“I felt as if my entire career was going down the drain”

It really is about the amount of effort you put into what so ever you do. Nobody can do your work for you. It doesn’t matter how much that person vouches, pleads or overwhelmingly cries. In the end, it all comes down to you. Who you are to be. True, I had grounds for me to give up. Would that solve my problem? Would I feel satisfied with my decision? Would I be here, elaborating on the reason not to give up; even when pressure is mounting upon you and there seems no way out? Do not get stressed. It happened to me. I was the one about to lose my dream, all because of one word. Remember, you have a mind. You can think. You can do anything you put mind to do.

I found a couple of sites that help me while I am proofreading. For example, this one gives a couple of hundred examples of homophones. These can help when trying to complete a great essay or looking to fix that resume so you land a nice job. Another great site is when to use commas and semicolons. It can get tricky some days. Trust me, you don’t want to be up at 3 am, trying to figure out where does a semicolon or a comma fit. This last one is about full stops inside or outside parentheses. Some days the brain might just decide to flip out and forget all the rules of English.

Send me an email or comment below, and let me know what you guys think.

Thank you for reading!

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