Hey everyone, Romani Sanchez here again with a fresh new outlook on proofreading. Today I want to share a little back story; who I was, what I was doing before proofreading, and how did I ever decide to become a freelancer.

Who was I?

Before I had a liking for English, I guess you could say I was your everyday basic game addict, medium to no effort placed into work, and an overall nobody. To be honest, I was just looking to survive into tomorrow. There was no spark for life. No aim to achieve anything what so ever. My life was plain and boring to a certain point. That point, that is where I realized I was worth much more. I came to realize that besides me having no ambition, I had a yearning for the English language. I decided to do something with me after that episode.

What was I doing before proofreading?

Ha! With the inevitable facing me, I came to the realization that if I wanted to succeed in life, I had to push myself out of my comfort zone. That would mean leaving my old profession; a local sales clerk. Trust me when I say, there are a lot of crazy ideas out there, ideas that because of never stepping out of ‘the comfort zone,’ they become forgotten memories. I had this plan before moving from my sales clerk position: find a stable job! But that was not proofreading. I decided to learn ESL. Now you may be asking yourselves what does ESL have to do with proofreading. Well, it’s more a desperate move more than anything else really. See, in the attempt to rub me quitting into my ex-boss’ face, I had rushed off into the world; fleeing from all the pressure I had been under. For this reason, I was determined to break free and get a new lease on life.

How did I ever become a freelancer?

Not too long ago, I was surfing the internet. Looking for a new job. I really didn’t care if it is online or I’d have to present myself every morning for work. I just wanted a job. I found one, but to be truly honest, it’s kind of repression. That is true, I either settle for no job and all the time in the world, or confine myself to a work desk and ‘man it out’ (lol). But still… to work from where ever I choose! Visit all the places I ever wanted! It does sound tempting. So now I come back to freelancing. I can be who I choose to be. For example; I can be a bookkeeper or court scoping. Best of all I can choose whichever talent I have and turn it into something exciting!

So proofreading for me, is my outlet. Knowing that I have helped a person move ahead in life, that is a feeling of accomplishment. Plus, what is neat about it, I can earn a little extra. Now, until I get for myself clients that trust my work completely, then I will be a total freelancer. But until then, I can enjoy gaining more knowledge every day. Besides, every new day is an opportunity to better ourselves, and our skills.

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