Hey Romani… why proofread?

Somebody asked me that question a couple of days ago. It is not common for people in the Tropics to run websites, personal blogs or proofread. Everyone keeps giving me a blank stare when I tell them I proofread, offer virtual bookkeeping services or just a plain freelancer. It doesn’t seem too logical for me, especially since I have an 8-5 job (EXHAUSTING). Yes, I have a steady income, and yes it is the type of job I was looking for. But to be honest, I kind of like to get myself out there. I know that the many obstacles I must face in order to accomplish what I want in life. While looking for some inspirational quotes, I found this one from
Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.” Gary Allan.

It is quite a challenge juggling work, blogging, clients, and life itself. all honesty, the only escape I have is that of a word. And yes before I continue, I am a total word nerd. Some days, after a long day through the wringer, I can just relax while bookkeeping or reading a couple of my clients’ excerpts while proofreading, knowing that I have accomplished one thing: my clients’ trust. Now I could sit around the company’s computer, and type all throughout the day about proofreading and how much clients I get, or how much I actually like proofreading, but no. It is about the new chapter in LIFE! I can and I will. There is nothing able to stop me from literally working for myself. In the coming years, at some point, I will make myself a full-time freelancer. No restrictions. No bosses to yell or dictate. No 50-hour job, just to get by paycheck to paycheck. But that would be beside the point, like the extra that comes from having your own blog. That is what makes you, YOU.

So, to answer the question I placed at the beginning of this post, why do I proofread? Simple. I like to freelance. The possibilities are endless. I believe, with a strong conviction, anything can be done. Part of me knows that, at some point, you the reader, will read this post, and maybe do some changes in your life. It is not about the publicity, rather I want to focus on the quality brought to you the reader. So that in the longer run (or instantly) you feel inspired to make changes, feel free, no chains to hold you back from accomplishing your dream…. and yes if you ever need any assistance, whether proofreading a document, copy-editing, keeping track of finances, feel free to contact me here.

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